Do you have a Minimum Viable Product and want to accelerate your revenue growth?

Join Lifetech Fusion, a 12 months acceleration program to boost your startup!


FUSION is Switzerland’s Global Acceleration Program

Fusion selects about 10 lifetech startups from all over the world for its 12-months acceleration program.

FUSION capitalises on Switzerland’s position as a global center of excellence for quality of life, healthcare and wellness as well as its world-beating reputation for innovation to drive the lifetech agenda to support technologies that bring innovations in the areas of digital health, IOT, wearables, Personal Data Analysis & Mgmt, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Genomics and Therapeutic NanoTech and insideables. Our aim, quite simply, is to fuse the best of Switzerland with the most promising lifetech talent to lead innovation in the lifetech industry.

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